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Far from freedom: Europe and Religion

Verantwortlicher Autor: Janet Clements Brussels, 03.08.2018, 20:21 Uhr
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steping on freedom of religion
steping on freedom of religion  Bild: Ivan Arjona

Brussels [ENA] While Europe counts with a history of overcoming discriminations based on religion, and has some of the most advanced policies on the subject, people belonging to religious minorities continue to see their rights to be hurt by member states of the EU.   [Full story...]

Leonardo's The Head of a Woman in Naples

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Naples, 20.08.2018, 13:20 Uhr

Naples [ENA] The famous painting by Leonardo, The Head of a Woman, also known as La Scapigliata (disheveled woman), is an Oil on wood whose dimensions are 24.7 cm × 21 cm (9.7 in × 8.3 in) and is on diplay in Naples at Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano until the 2nd of September. The painting is known since 1627 and it was mentioned for the first time in the House of Gonzaga collection in 1627: "a painting depicts   [Full story...]

The National Archeological Museum, Naples

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Naples, 17.08.2018, 09:07 Uhr

Rome/Naples [ENA] The beauty of Naples is famous all over the world. The city was first settled by Greeks in the second millennium B.C. and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited urban areas in the world. In the ninth century B.C. a colony known as Parthenope was founded on the Island of Megaride, later known as Neápolis in the sixth century BC. The city was an important part of Magna Graecia, played a major role in the   [Full story...]

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